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Saturday, February 12, 2011

International study centre

Specialist on-campus preparation for your degree what are you thinking till now?

The International Foundation Year is the 1st year of a 4-year degree programme designed for international students who need preparatory study before moving into the next 3years of selected undergraduate programmes at the University.If you are thinking we are lying than you can search the market and than come back.
By pushing academic knowlegde levels, improving English language and study skills during the 1st year, degree programmes integrated with International Foundation Year offer international students a unique opportunity to succeed despite the challenges of a different study culture its does not matter how many they are.

ACCA syllabus

The ACCA syllabus consists of 14 papers divided into four4 parts:
Knowledge - 3 papers
Skills – 6 papers
Essentials – 3 papers
Options – 2 papers from 4

F1 AB Accountant in Business
F2 MA Management Accounting
F3 FA Financial Accounting

F4 CL Corporate and Business Law
F5 PM Performance Management
F6 TX Taxation
F7 FR Financial Reporting (UK or International)
F8 AA Audit & Assurance (UK or International)
F9 FM Financial Management

P1 PA Governance, Risk and Ethics
P2 CR Corporate Reporting (UK or International)
P3 BA Business Analysis

Choose any two:
P4 AFM Advanced Financial Management
P5 APM Advanced Performance Management
P6 ATX Advanced Taxation
P7 AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International)

Exam Regulations
  • All modules must be sat in order
  • Maximum of four papers to be taken in one sitting
  • Papers within a module may be sat in any order but ACCA recommends that they should be sat in numerical order.
  • Papers from a variety of modules may be sat at any one time. i.e. Knowledge and Skills or Skills and Essentials.
  • The three Essentials papers do not have to be sat together
  • Students have 10 years to pass all the examinations.
  • The pass mark for all examinations is 50%
  • In addition to the above 14 papers, students are required to study and sit an on-line module in Professional ethics. It is recommended that this is studied at the same time as P1

What is ACCA?

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, which is a leading international accountancy body. Its members are required to pass a number of exams in order to qualify. The qualification is internationally recognised and is treated in abroad countries as same like the local one.
The examinations cover all aspects of business management from the purely technical such as book keeping and cost accounting to the more theoretical aspects such as motivational theory and theories of risk.
In this respect it is very similar to an MBA, but it offers a much more practical emphasis. The qualification is not aimed at any one particular business sector the exams cover all areas of business management.
The benefits to the employee of successful qualification are the personal satisfaction of having acquired the business skills, and better employment prospects as a result of having shown their ability in all areas of business.
The benefit to the employer of encouraging their employees to qualify is the assurance that the employee has the skills necessary to progress to more senior management positions and he or she can gain a very good salary package in any country.